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We are prepared to take your site under our wing and start optimising it with regard to certain keywords, obviously certain keywords may be more competitive than others to achieve a good result within the search engine results. The cost of such an endeavour will be quoted upon inspection of the amount of content requiring optimisation.

We will take as many of the pages of your website as required and optimise the images and basic text as part of the cost, we will add keywords and description tags to your pages and clean up the code to remove any unneccesary white space or tags that are lurking there. We will check your website with multiple browsers, both old and new, to determine viewability across a large spectrum of people.

We will add `ALT` tags to your images if they do not have any to enable people with text readers or images turned off to still make sense of your website. We may recreate the structuring of your website both for our ease of upkeeping and also for keeping your pages within two clicks of your homepage by use of a sitemap if necessary.

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Web Site Promotion

We submit your site to all types of sites getting backlinks to your site.
We add your site to all types of sites getting backlinks to your site.

Search engine Submission

We submit your site whether new or old to all major search engines , this does not mean that the engine is guaranteed to include your listing but is most likely, listings usually take place within 4 - 6 weeks.

Meta Tags

We will produce keywords, description and any other meta tags that we deem necessary, or you choose, to add to your specific pages.