How to Use Directories to Get More Traffic to Your Website

I often get asked for advice on how to improve my website’s sales and traffic and various ways to get the ball rolling. As I am not sure of all the methods myself, I know that I should be using a lot more of the common techniques that someone with experience in marketing would use.

One of the best ways of getting more traffic to your website is through link building. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of directories on the internet which are perfect for this method. I believe that this is probably the most powerful way to get quality targeted traffic to your website. It is very simple, all you need is the ability to go find the directories, do the work, get the links and finally wait for the traffic and sales to come flowing in.

One thing to warn you about though, is that it is not the quantity of links that really matters but the quality of the links. Simply put, you want to outsource as many link projects as you can and get yourself ranked highly in the search engines. A lot of the links you will need are one-way links which means that you don’t need to link back to them. A one-way link is where a website links to you, but you don’t link back to them.

The most important thing you need to do when building backlinks is to get yourself indexed. The reason for this is that if you build enough links you will be able to get yourself ranked very quickly. I have heard a lot of people who claim that getting indexed by Google in under six weeks is a myth.

What I will tell you for sure is that it is definitely possible to get indexed by Google within six weeks, but it all depends on the niche that you are in. I have achieved this in my niche market many times and the thing that I have found is that if you are using the “easy” SEO methods like keyword density, submitting your site to hundreds of directories and all of that other high tech stuff, then it can take way too long to get yourself indexed.

What I recommend doing instead is to get a lot of good back-links from other websites in your niche, the better the site the easier it is to get indexed. Another important thing you need to watch out for is to make sure that all of your links use the exact same anchor text. If you use different variations of your keyword like “red shoes” for example, it will make it easier for Google to identify what your website is about and the fact that the links are on the same topic will help you rank higher.

You may find that it becomes a bit time-consuming to keep doing all of the necessary work for your sites, so hire a professional SEO service to do it for you. It is the best way to get dominate search engines and get you ranked in the top ten results on page 1 in no time.

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