Off Page SEO and Link Building

SEO - Back links Pointing Back To You

Almost since the operational module of the World Wide Web itself occurs of complex codes (HTML), so too has link building. The Google search engine allows the user to search for something on internet, and depending on the quantity, you shall discover almost all the linked sites that carries on whatever terms you had in your mind before you hit the search button.

But links pointing to websites aren’t something that the search engines can pin point; what they can excel at is backlinks to other sites that carry the keywords that you have selected. The latest algorithm of the search engine (or a mechanism that is added to their algorithm and this is referred to as a change of algorithm), the number of backlinks is how much the site is considered centered around the keyword that you have chosen, using those keywords as links pointing back to that site.

And that is what they are renowned for nowadays. It is actually a very important exercise for the search engine to find out the authoritative sites on the web that is focused on that keyword; backlinks is a way for them to identify that site.

The more you have backlinks, the higher you can be ranked on the search engines’ page results. So how do you get these essential to your website?

Getting authoritative backlinks is not an easy task, in that it comes as you need – by posting contents on the web. For example, you may think it is in a sense of the search engines that it is difficult for you to post content on the web (if you are not proficient at it but still want to post), but the reality is, you don’t need to have it totally at times, you may find a very good content site to get one.

Actually, one of the important factors is the theme of the content site, the words you have on the post and also your signature. It is important that in terms of your signature, this should be a keyword to the backlink – or a branded link with your brand, location or generic keyword phrase embedded within it.

Another thing you can do is submitting articles to article directories. This is a very important technique and one that is used by many search engine optimizers out there, as far as backlinks are concerned.

Simply, unlike article directory submission, the articles you submit do not need to be a thousand words, it is only important that you write the substance on a particular perspective element or topic and that’s basically all; or, the article directory will simply provide you a track back link which goes to your site.

Another very important point used by almost all SEO optimizers out there is the use of one way links. Content sites that carry one way links are also very important, as it gives the off possibility that you are creating. Even though, the most powerful one way link is still one way links from authoritative sites.

Increasing the number of one way links depends of writing a lot and to make the search engines believe that your site is centralised around the keyword that you have selected.

Even so, there is a lot more involved in search engine optimisation and getting your website optimised.  Trusting a freelancer or SEO Consultant is a very effective method in gaining professional links, with link building done correctly.

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